Hustle Marketers Scaling Dog Brand with Paid ads

Accelerating Sales of UAE-Based Pets Food Store with Paid Campaigns

Accelerating Sales of UAE-Based Pets Food Store with Paid Campaigns

The Story 

ThePetsClub is a UAE-based eCommerce store, specifically meant to offer pet food products. The platform helps paw parents meet their furry friend’s food supply at an affordable price range. This eCommerce store required a digital push in the UAE’s competitive marketplace. Thus, the client joined hands with Hustle Marketers while showing complete trust in our PPC marketing expertise. By using our years of experience, exclusive tools, and the support of the proactive team, we implemented paid campaigns for ThePetsClub to increase product sales.


ThePetsClub wanted to fulfill the brand’s objective to create a prominent position in the highly competitive UAE pet food supply marketplace. Despite making extensive organic marketing efforts, the brand missed the mark in meeting its sales target. They were unable to reach the target prospects. All they required was to initiate profitable eCommerce PPC marketing campaigns to get a broad spectrum of customers and boost the overall sales patterns.


Our digital marketing team started aligning the business objective with customized Google Ads campaigns.


After having several discussions with the client and understanding the overall requirements, we held brainstorming and research sessions together. After a careful analysis of the competitive brands and market trends, we came up with the high targeting keyword list and prepared engaging ad copies.

Based on the customer demographics, our PPC experts executed Google ads under the specified budget of the client. Not only Search Campaigns, but We also focused our budget on Shopping Campaign to be ranked on the top of the Google Search Engine. Not only we approved the Merchant Center, We also enabled positive ratings in the Shopping Ads. Our marketing team further initiated brand awareness campaigns among the target demographics via Discovery and YouTube ads.

Post that, we launched video ads on Facebook that garnered a great deal of traction for the brands.  For the engagement purpose, we further implemented different types of ads including number of dynamic, carousel, and collection, targeting people based on the similar interest as that of the business and attract several customers.

Furthermore, the team worked on returning the old customers by running a retargeting campaign and started a catalog campaign and a brand awareness campaign. The goal was to receive purchases from these campaigns which were successfully fulfilled once the audiences started to gain more trust in the brand.

Additionally, we kept a close watch over the periodic performance of eCommerce PPC campaigns for the pet food supply online store.


Hustle marketer’s vision-centric and research-oriented campaign initiative resulted in substantial product sales and profit for the client. After creating the campaign from the scratch, the client garnered 8x the return on ad spent, and the graph of sales went up. With our Google ads marketing efforts, the brand achieved ROAS of more than 14 in just 7 months.


Even Facebook ads experienced a remarkable result of achieving ROAS of more than 9. We also experienced an increase in Shopify sales that showcase our result-oriented strategies approach.

Facebook_ads_Digital_Marketing_Services_Hustle Marketers

Not only this, an extensive range of customers in UAE started recognizing this pet food product online store and start ordering from the platform. This exceptional growth of the brand not only resulted in boosting sales but further expanded the brand’s presence across distinctive demographics.

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